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Skull of Fallen Warrior

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Skull of Fallen Warrior - this is the skull of a fallen warrior who died in a dishonest and treacherous war. The evil Lord Kundun has turned beasts into beautiful girls who were lured into the trap of fearless warriors and killed them. Because of this, skulls have become extraordinary, and have become a valuable resource for magic tricks. This is why the "Grand Reset Master" requires this item to replace the gr-a.

You can get the Skull of Fallen Warrior from monsters in the cities of Alkmaar, Debenter, Ubaid, Uruk Montain, Karutan 1, Kanturu 1-2, as well as on the Rockfall in devias.

Skull of Fallen Warrior - can be folded into a pack with the command /packskull of 10-20 or 30 skulls, you can also disassemble them with the command /unpackskull 10-20 or 30 skulls.

Skull of Fallen Warrior - can be sold in the shop for 1 Goblin Points.

Skull of Fallen Warrior:

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