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Pumping offline (OffExp/offattack)

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The offline pumping system was introduced in order to save you from problems with installing a character on AFK (such inconveniences as: using clickers, leaving the computer on at night or leaving the house, disconnecting the connection, using the computer for other purposes/games). Your character remains in the game even when the game client is closed.

You can install a character for offline pumping only in a non-secure zone (outside the city).
To install, you need to open the game menu by pressing the End key in the game (English), then select distributed OffExp.
If you kill a character that is offline, it will remain merged in the game.
If your weapon breaks, the attack will go, but without adding damage.
The character can be in the Party, during offline leveling.
Off-Exp works starting from the Atlans 1 map.

Special magic:
For offline leveling requires the presence of certain magics, for each race its own (see below), if you have not studied this skill, it will give an error that you need to learn a certain magic.

Class Working skills for offline pumping
Dark Knight Twisting Slash
Dark Wizard Evil Spirit
Fairy Elf Triple Shot
Summoner Lightning Shock
Magic Gladiator Evil Spirit, Power Slash
Dark Lord Fire Brust


  • Offline Mode
  • offexp.png
  • Item backup is only available for the premium account [Vip account];
  • The character collects Zen, Jewel, Excellent things, Ancient things;
  • The maximum time for offline pumping is 10 hours;
  • The offline pumping service is free of charge.

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