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Pouch of Blessing

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Pouch of Blessing - this is an interesting event that attracts the attention of both newly started playing and upgraded characters. The meaning is simple, you need to kill "Pouch of Blessing" and get a bonus for it.


Location: Elveland, Dungeon, Kanturu Relic, Uruk Montain, Noria.
Special drop: 1 Golden Cherry Blossom, 1 WCoin(P).
Number of monsters: 10 (In each location).

Gather: 50 Golden Cherry Blossom and exchange them with NPC Cherry Blossom [Noria 179,126] - Chance to get one of (Jewel of Harmony, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Luck, Jewel Of Level, Jewel Of Guardian, Jewel Of Skill, Box of Kundun +4, Box of Kundun +5).

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