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Rules Forum!

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Rules Forum!

Everyone understands that the forum is not a chat, messages are stored on it for months, and do not disappear after a few seconds, as in a chat. Respect yourself and other players, newcomers who will come to the server and read messages on the forum!

  • Topics should contain information and the exact essence of your question, suggestions, so that they are adequately answered.
  • The title should be short and clear.


  1. Nicknames, avatars, and signatures of an obscene or offensive nature;
  2. Creating topics addressed to a single participant, such as: "Cancer Petya Zdarova";
  3. Creating themes with ads for other servers, websites, as well as personal sites and channels;
  4. Raise your topic more than once a day;
  5. Rude, obscene expressions and insults in any form;
  6. Flood in thematic sections!
  7. Any plagiarism of the players of the Azalea Mu server / forumchaninov, as well as the use of photos of players for personal, offensive purposes.

Topics and posts that violate the rules will be closed or deleted without special warning.

For systematic violations of the rules on the forum, the game account may be blocked.

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