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[EVENT] Death King - Dungeon

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The Dungeon is a huge cave located northeast of Lorencia. With a total of three levels, the dungeon is home to the Gorgon, a frightening beast that lurks at the lowest level. Many brave adventurers have entered the dungeon but few have returned to tell about its history. Because of the lure of untold treasures in these caves, but be careful, Hell is only a few steps away from the horrors that inhabit here. One of the horrors of the dungeon is Death King, he appears every 4 hours, killing him you will get one of the three boxes that contain a valuable item.

Death King:
Location: Dungeon.
Jewels: Box of Kundun+1, Box of Luck, Death Box.
Number of bosses: 1.
Number of items dropped: Randomly 1 items (100%).
Rebirth is fixed: every 4 hours. (In-game notification - Yes).
Drop from boxes can be found here!

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