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[ACTION] Advertise the server - earn WCoin(C)

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«Advertise the server - earn WCoin(C)»

1. Conditions:

  1. Ads must be distributed in the social network Vkontakte, Faceebook (groups on the topic of MuOnline, groups of clans), on live forums that are related to MuOnline (it is forbidden to spam on other people's servers.);
  2. Post screenshots in this topic, in one message.

2. Example of an ad text:

May 29th x200 Dynamic from AZALEA-MU.TOP don't miss the opening!

3. Rewards:

  1.  Place 300 WCoin(C);
  2.  Place 250 WCoin(C);
  3.  Place 200 WCoin(C).

Each participant has 50 WCoin(C).

Results and payment of remuneration on the next day after the server starts at 21-00.
To get a reward, please let us know your character's nickname.

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