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[ACTION] Be the first

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Be the first.
We value players who set themselves challenging goals and conquer heights. In honor of the opening of our server, we decided to encourage players who will be the first to achieve success and get ahead of the rest.

We will reward 6 players who are the first to reach 1 GrandReset, and get a third profession:
- First place: 1000 WCoin(P);
- Second place: 900 WCoin(P);
- Third place: 800 WCoin(P);
- Fourth place: 700 WCoin(P);
- Fifth place: 600 WCoin(P);
- Sixth place: 500 WCoin(P).

But be careful, there are restrictions in the terms of the promotion:
Within 1-6 places, no more than one representative of the profession, that is, the first six places will be occupied by representatives of different classes (for example: if the winner of the promotion is Dark Wizard, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 place, must be another profession).

Note: The award is issued within 24 hours, from the moment of application.

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