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[ACTION] I will play on Azalea-mu.top

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Dear friends!
The server has a promotion for issuing Goblin Points.

Conditions of the promotion:
1) You should write in this topic: "I will play on Azalea-mu.top", add server rates and something from yourself;
2) Join me on skype: live:.cid. 662660f332d52e6b (Attention! Make sure that the Skype name does NOT contain the words "Donat" and "Donations". Check your username carefully!!!);skype%20prof.png
3) Write in Skype one on forum and one in game;
4) Add to the discord group.

You need to write to me on Skype or discord and I will give you 50 Goblin Points, with which you will buy something in X-Shop 🙂
A small thing, but nice 🙂
P.S. All accounts will be checked for Twinkies!
Remuneration is given only for 1 main account!

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